About Me

About Me

From my childhood yoga is my passion. In the age of 10, my name published in newspaper. We started yoga teaching at the age of 23. By progressing and teaching I reached in higher and higher stage on day by day. I was very popular in film industry, my clients were actors, actresses, doctors and big industrialist. We handles all kind of patients nicely.

After practicing and teaching yoga from my childhood to individuals, schools, universities, institutes, students, patients, doctors, lecturers, business people, industrialists, actor and actress, producer, directors, financiers etc..

I find 90% people are suffering from health problems. New medical solutions will relief the patients physically, but any long treatments cause other diseases because these chemical creates genetic disturbances and unbalancing the mental vibration.

During my experienced and practiced I produced one yoga film ‘yogabhyas’ which is distributed to Universities, TV, Theaters, Clubs, Bhabha Research center etc.

After study of many years I have decided to write a book on my experience with easy and simple scientific and medically. We have not written  this book only through study but my teaching and daily practice of Asana 2 to 3 From 2:30 am to 6am, Pranayama, meditation and Samadhi. We have well experience in for self knowledge. A daily practice of Asana Pranayama meditation and Samadhi develops tremendous confidence and trust in yoga for better health, body , mind and soul. 

I have full confidence , that people must become doubtless to practice in daily life.



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